• ‘Walgreens’ Alice 15sec 16×9 TVC

    Working remotely from my studio I collaborated with The Mill on a fantastic set of xmas spots for Walgreens. This was a well exectuted conform and clean up exercise featuring multiple social versions. It was fun and productive collaborating with the team in the US, combining matte painting and after effects with complex flame clean up and comp work for great results. A memorable campaign with a great creative team there.

    Client: The Mill
    Facility: Remote flame studio Eldonvfx

  • ‘Reese’s Extreme Blizzard’ Dairy Queen 30 sec US TVC

    Working remotely as a freelance flame artist I dialled into The Mill Chicago studio to help out on this series of spots for Dairy Queen. This was mostly completed in Nuke, working with an animation team at the London Studio, but I ran the films, versioned for multiple social formats, worked closely with the agency on the live action product sequences and graphics, then delivered. A good example of a remote collaborative pipeline. A really cool team and fun films too.

    Client: The Mill
    Facility: Remote flame studio Eldonvfx

  • WW ‘James Corden’ 30 sec TVC

    As a freelance flame artist, with my own licence and remote studio, I worked on these spots for WW. Using flame I completed clean up, beauty, finishing and delivery.

    Client: WW
    Facility: Eldonvfx

  • ‘Huawei Mate’ adaptation work

    As a flame freelancer I was brought in to work with the excellent team at The Mill, tasked with delivering versions of this film globally. With Flame being an awesome suite for adaptation and versioning, I was able to deliver hundreds of versions to many markets all over the world for both TV and social. I have a lot of experience running a huge job like this with multiple frame rates, multiple graphic changes, multiple audio laybacks and picture formats.

    Facility: The Mill

  • ‘Quick Capture’

    Here is another Moto X ‘Lazy Phone’ commercial. This involved some complex split screens, combining a number of preferred takes together, as well as extensive beauty work.

    Agency: Droga 5
    Facility: The Mill New York

  • ‘Galaxy Note II’

    Adaptation work for Samsung to version a global master for UK and Ireland delivery. This commercial had a variety of complicated screen replacements, Mocha Pro tracking and compositing in Flame as well as the country specific packaging.

    Client: Sweet Images
Agency: CHEIL