• ‘Mocha Pro’ + ‘Silhouette’ London VFX Meetup

    Been a keen user of Mocha for a long time. Looking forward to this. See you there.

  • ‘Corona Can’

    Working with two great Nuke Artists we combined on sky replacements, CGI compositing, clean up and beauty work. Two particular shots were particularly fun to work on in Flame; stopping it rain in shot two and combining multiple live action plates for the beach bar wide. Quality series of films for Corona. Loved it.

    Agency: Cramer-Krasselt
    Facility: The Mill Chicago

  • ‘Active Display’

    Here is another Moto X spot featuring the very funny TJ Miller. This involved clean up, product beauty work, screen replacement and graphics. Each campaign needed to be versioned for multiple end frame tags.

    Agency: Droga 5
    Facility: The Mill New York

  • ‘Touchless Control’

    I was delighted to work on these Motorola TV commercials for their Moto X ‘Lazy Phone’ global campaign. There was a lot of clean up and beauty work, particularly on the products and talent.

    Agency: Droga 5
    Facility: The Mill New York

  • ‘London Eye’

    This commercial for London Eye was put together in Flame. After the initial grade, cinema screen composites and fireworks were keyed and composited. Reflections in the audience’s glasses were tracked in Mocha and composited in Flame.

    Client: Centrescreen
    Agency: Frank
    Producer: Heidi Powell