• ‘WeightWatchers Autumn Flex TVC’

    30 second spot finished on Flame at We Love Images for This Is Beyond. New graphics package and repurposing elements for the UK market.

    Agency: This Is Beyond
    Facility: We Love Images

  • ‘Bulmers 100% Irish Cider’

    60 second and 30 second spots were finished on Flame at Smoke and Mirrors for the wonderfully brilliant Lucky Generals. It rolled out on St Patrick’s Day across TV, social and digital. There was product beauty work and of course the motion graphic treatment. I always enjoy working with The Lads.

    Agency: Lucky Generals
    Facility: Smoke & Mirrors London

  • ‘Corona Chair’

    Working with the support of a couple of fabulous Nuke Artists we combined to finish a great set of films for Corona. Lots of clean up, sky replaces and product beauty work.

    Agency: Cramer-Krasselt
    Facility: The Mill Chicago

  • ‘Pot Noodle’

    Going viral in time for Trump’s inauguration this great spoof was fun to put together. It won Ad of the Day in The Drum, with Campaign Magazine saying “Using satire to demonstrate the power of social media and its influence at a particularly tumultuous time for politics seems almost commendable.”

    Agency: Lucky Generals
    Facility: Smoke and Mirrors London

  • ‘Active Display’

    Here is another Moto X spot featuring the very funny TJ Miller. This involved clean up, product beauty work, screen replacement and graphics. Each campaign needed to be versioned for multiple end frame tags.

    Agency: Droga 5
    Facility: The Mill New York

  • ‘Touchless Control’

    I was delighted to work on these Motorola TV commercials for their Moto X ‘Lazy Phone’ global campaign. There was a lot of clean up and beauty work, particularly on the products and talent.

    Agency: Droga 5
    Facility: The Mill New York

  • ‘Quick Capture’

    Here is another Moto X ‘Lazy Phone’ commercial. This involved some complex split screens, combining a number of preferred takes together, as well as extensive beauty work.

    Agency: Droga 5
    Facility: The Mill New York

  • ‘Natural Ingredients’

    This spot is my favourite in the series, simple and effective.

    Agency: Droga 5

  • ‘Mother Nature’

    This is one in a set of digital online films for Chobani Yoghurt. There was extensive beauty work and clean up and one complex setup to control the reveal of the wonderful greek yoghurt.

    Agency: Droga 5

  • ‘Mud Men’

    This was great fun. I started by grading the film in Lustre. Mud elements were added and enhanced. End board graphics were designed and built by myself in Flame. Lots of clean up followed before packaging and versioning.

    Client: History Channel
    Producer/Director: Will Clark-Smith

  • ‘Feral Children’

    This was assembled from a variety of stills, in Flame, for a promo to be aired on the Discovery Channel. Lots of work was done to create and extend all the foliage and environment. Dirt and filth was added to the opening scene. Lots of clean up was done to achieve the desired creative between the hostile look and the comforting finish.

    Client: Discovery
    Director: Barry Dyer

  • ‘Wishes’

    This is from a series of TV commercials for GHD hair products. I completed all beauty work and visual effects in Smoke. Much of the beauty work was on skin and stray hair. The city skyline was enhanced with lights in the first scene.

    Client: GHD
    Agency: Propaganda / BDHTBWA

  • ‘Austin’

    Simple product and price campaign put together in Smoke for retailer Ethel Austin. I am very experienced with retail. This required graphics, grade and some effects throughout the CCTV scene.

    Client: Ethel Austin
    Prod Co: The Gate Films

  • ‘Galaxy Note II’

    Adaptation work for Samsung to version a global master for UK and Ireland delivery. This commercial had a variety of complicated screen replacements, Mocha Pro tracking and compositing in Flame as well as the country specific packaging.

    Client: Sweet Images
Agency: CHEIL