• ‘’ Rugby World Cup idents ‘Scrum’

    Freelance Flame artist – I contributed to these brilliant spots for the Rugby World Cup with the lovely lot at Freefolk. Lots of beauty work, clean up and set enhancements.

    Facility: Freefolk

  • ‘Hyundai’ Forward Thinking Drama

    Freelance Flame artist – working remotely I contributed a tricky number plate replacement to this film. A great series of sponsorship idents for Hyundai.

    Client: Innocean

  • ‘Kia Niro’ Delivery

    As a London based freelance Flame artist I was tasked with making the car interiors and exteriors correct for the UK market. Extensive beauty work on seat stitching was completed on Flame 2019, as well as correcting left hand drive to right hand drive. The pizza box, as well as all logos and dashboard detail, had to be reworked.

    Client: Innocean

  • ‘Just Eat – Delivering For The Nation’

    As a Soho based flame freelancer and 2D compositor I assisted on this awesome spot for Just Eat. Delivered it all too.

    Agency: Karmarama
    Facility: The Mill

  • ‘End of The F**king World’

    As a freelance flame artist based in London Soho I was asked to contribute multiple shots to this brilliant Netflix show ‘End of the F**king World’. Extensive clean up, screen comps and VFX shots were composited whilst working with a brilliant and talented team at Jam.

    Facility: Jam VFX

  • ‘Garnier Nutrisse Campaign 2019’

    Working on site as a flame freelancer I completed this spot for Garnier. The brief contained extensive hair and beauty clean up, a discipline I am very comfortable and experienced in. The tricky pack carousel was fun too, all built in flame with stills by me on flame.

    Facility: Smoke & Mirrors London

  • ‘Amazon Alexa’ Practice Hours

    Assisted on the comp work for a great set of spots for Amazon. Great team addressing many clean up requests.

    Facility: The Mill

  • ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Motion Picture

    Pretty blown away by the success of this. Was tasked with compositing a shot in the Live Aid sequence. Many other shots were worked on at NB. Was a great experience.

    Facility: Nice Biscuits
    Studio: 20th Century Fox

  • ‘WeightWatchers Autumn Flex TVC’

    30 second spot finished on Flame at We Love Images for This Is Beyond. New graphics package and repurposing elements for the UK market.

    Agency: This Is Beyond
    Facility: We Love Images

  • ‘Bulmers 100% Irish Cider’

    60 second and 30 second spots were finished on Flame at Smoke and Mirrors for the wonderfully brilliant Lucky Generals. It rolled out on St Patrick’s Day across TV, social and digital. There was product beauty work and of course the motion graphic treatment. I always enjoy working with The Lads.

    Agency: Lucky Generals
    Facility: Smoke & Mirrors London

  • ‘Corona Can’

    Working with two great Nuke Artists we combined on sky replacements, CGI compositing, clean up and beauty work. Two particular shots were particularly fun to work on in Flame; stopping it rain in shot two and combining multiple live action plates for the beach bar wide. Quality series of films for Corona. Loved it.

    Agency: Cramer-Krasselt
    Facility: The Mill Chicago

  • ‘Corona Golden Hour’

    Flame and Nuke combined to deliver this gorgeous film, the lead commercial in the series. The sky replacements were critical to tell the story of that magical golden hour. Product beauty work was also completed. A brilliant spot.

    Agency: Cramer-Krasselt
    Facility: The Mill Chicago

  • ‘Corona Chair’

    Working with the support of a couple of fabulous Nuke Artists we combined to finish a great set of films for Corona. Lots of clean up, sky replaces and product beauty work.

    Agency: Cramer-Krasselt
    Facility: The Mill Chicago

  • ‘Touchless Control’

    I was delighted to work on these Motorola TV commercials for their Moto X ‘Lazy Phone’ global campaign. There was a lot of clean up and beauty work, particularly on the products and talent.

    Agency: Droga 5
    Facility: The Mill New York

  • ‘Quick Capture’

    Here is another Moto X ‘Lazy Phone’ commercial. This involved some complex split screens, combining a number of preferred takes together, as well as extensive beauty work.

    Agency: Droga 5
    Facility: The Mill New York

  • ‘MTV’

    I loved this series of ‘Brand Showcase’ films for MTV UK showcasing a number of contemporary artists. It touched on many disciplines within the Flame Premium. Paul and I designed the whole series and it was all composited in Flame. Initially I spent some time in Lustre grading the two ‘looks’. Additional scenery and interest was then composited in the black and white scenes. Extensive beauty work across all the talent followed. Large amounts of rotoscoping and keying was needed to extract talent and place them in the desired sets, complete with carefully selected and designed back plates drawing on inspiration and lyrics from the artists.

    Client: MTV UK
    Director: Paul Philpott
    Exec Producer: Jody Malam

  • ‘Mud Men’

    This was great fun. I started by grading the film in Lustre. Mud elements were added and enhanced. End board graphics were designed and built by myself in Flame. Lots of clean up followed before packaging and versioning.

    Client: History Channel
    Producer/Director: Will Clark-Smith

  • ‘Feral Children’

    This was assembled from a variety of stills, in Flame, for a promo to be aired on the Discovery Channel. Lots of work was done to create and extend all the foliage and environment. Dirt and filth was added to the opening scene. Lots of clean up was done to achieve the desired creative between the hostile look and the comforting finish.

    Client: Discovery
    Director: Barry Dyer

  • ‘London Eye’

    This commercial for London Eye was put together in Flame. After the initial grade, cinema screen composites and fireworks were keyed and composited. Reflections in the audience’s glasses were tracked in Mocha and composited in Flame.

    Client: Centrescreen
    Agency: Frank
    Producer: Heidi Powell

    ‘Ferrari World’

    Working closely with the creatives from storyboard stage I managed and completed the Post Production for a number of films for Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. During the early stages of the production I was able to advise and supervise key elements for visual effects. Initially as a Producer I co-ordinated all the offline, telecine and managed all the data and selects for Post Production. I then ran the Post Production across numerous Smoke, Flame AE and Maya suites, completing all the Flame work myself. From concept through to final delivery I was able to lead the Post Production for these modules. These frames are from approval Stages and rehearsals.

    Production Co: Centrescreen
    Director: Kevin McKiernan

  • ‘Ferrari Finale’

    This amazing component of the Ferrari world installation was a massive 25 foot wide projected film of the moment the super car leaves the production arena and exits onto the race track at Maranello. The viewer is transported alongside the car, the scale and sound design consuming the visitor. This was shot on Vistavision for optimum width. There was extensive beauty work, clean up as well as the compositing of the workers and managers in the opening few seconds.

    Production Co: Centrescreen
    Director: Kevin McKiernan

  • ‘Shadows’

    This lovely installation piece was one element of a fantastic visitor experience at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. This film was projected onto large screens using HD projectors whilst the viewer was transported through the exhibit. The glass screens were offset in the space to create depth. Beautiful.

    Prod Co: Centrescreen
    Director: Kevin McKiernan